【Tablet Computer terms and conditions】

The library provides access to the Internet for informational and educational purposes.
Please refrain from the following acts:
You may be asked to stop using the tablet computer
 1. if you let somebody else use the tablet computer or leave it unattended.
 2. if you attempt to save files, or print out data.
 3. if you download or upload files.
 4. if you play games.
 5. if you input personal information and access to websites which require a log‐in process.
 6. if you post on the internet.
 7. if you send or receive emails.
 8. if you view moving pictures such as animations, dramas, movies, concerts and so on for recreation.
 9. if you get involved in online shopping and financial transactions.
 10. if you commit a cybercrime.
 11. if you shoot tablet screen (still image and video).
 12. if you act for non-research purposes.

※In case of finding the above acts, the library asks you to stop using the tablet computer.

※Please use the Internet correctly and cooperatively for legal and ethical purposes.

※In case of damage or loss, you will be required to meet the cost for repair or replacement.

※Access logs are recorded in order to respond to security incidents.